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Have you ever wanted to go to New York City? What about Seattle, Washington? Have you ever wanted to graduate with your best friends? Find out more about how you can get involved and have the time of your life!


NRF Student Association

The NRF Student Association provides talented students interested in retail careers with unique educational and scholarship programs, networking opportunities and access to the latest industry news and research.

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NRF Student Association

MSU Fashion Board was founded in the mid 1950's by a group of fashion-focused individuals. This group devoted time and effort to learning style and sharing it with our campus. Since its beginning, Fashion Board has become one of the most respected organizations on campus. After all, what would life be without fashion?

MSU Fashion Board is comprised of MSU students that produce fashion shows on campus and in the Starkville community. We have positions for male and female models, hair and make-up artists, and backstage staff members. We model clothing from local area vendors, provide models for Town and Gown Magazine upon request, and judge local area K-12 beauty pageants and revues.

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Student Engagement

FDM Abroad

FDM Abroad

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

This is the best way to put into words what Italy meant to me. Italy was an experience of a lifetime and it's hard to express just how it impacted my life. Not only did I learn about Italian culture and fashion, I also gained more friendships than I ever thought possible. After our final class presentations, emotions were running high. It was definitely a bittersweet moment that I will never forget. Luckily, I have tons of pictures and videos to reminisce on this experience of a lifetime.

Katie Brown, Alum, FDM
NYC Study Tour

NYC Study Tour

The City that Never Sleeps, Empire City, The Big Apple- no matter what you call it, New York is the center of the fashion world. As such, I was extremely fortunate to take part in the week-long Mississippi State study tour of NYC in May. We explored product development and the chain of production at places like Kohl's Design Studio. We heard from top professionals in marketing and retailing at places like Hanky Panky. We explored careers and opportunities in publishing and made connections at Hearst Magazine. Getting to explore a city that is known for being full of culture and life is an adventure everyone should experience.

Morgan Beech, Junior, FDM
Historic Costume Collection

Students taking the Historic Costume course during the Spring 2015 semester got the opportunity to explore and showcase some of their favorite pieces from the MSU Historical Costume Collection. The exhibition featured apparel and accessories dating all the way back to the 19th century with designers such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and many more. Alumni, students, faculty, and staff came to the reception to see the exhibit for themselves and take a stroll through memory lane.

Margaret Allison, Senior, FDM
Cotton Summit
NRF Big Show

NRF Big Show

The Big Show was an extension of my education and an investment in myself. I gained valuable networking skills, experience in the art of balancing professional dress and fashion forward thinking, and I formed relationships with people who were striving to succeed in the same field I was. While in New York, we got the opportunity to utilize the contacts that the School of Human Sciences has made over the years which was such a great supplement to the conference itself. I personally benefited so much from a dinner we had with MSU graduates living in the city that were breaking into the industry as professionals. We networked and got tips on how to best utilize and convey our education in the workforce. I was expecting to get to NYC and learn about the industry, but I came home with such a great understanding of the people that make the industry possible, and I had a renewed energy to succeed in the field I love.

Erika Tucker, Senior, FDM
Cotton University Dyeing Workshop

Cotton University Dyeing Workshop

In November, I participated in a dyeing workshop sponsored by Cotton University. At the workshop, Dr. Phyllis Miller taught us how to dye fabric using a low-immersion water dyeing technique. We were then given cotton scarves and were able to practice the technique we learned by soaking the fabric in a soda ash solution and then applying several different colors of dye. Afterwards, Hannah Reynolds spoke about the Cotton University website and all the resources it provides for students, faculty, and industry professionals. It was an awesome experience and a very informative look into apparel design techniques. I love that we, as fashion students, are given so many opportunities to participate in events that can expand our knowledge and benefit our careers.

Dara McCluskey
Cotton Incorporated Headquarters Tour

Cotton Incorporated Headquarters Tour

I have visited Cotton Incorporated in Cary, NC twice in the past two years, and both visits were exciting and informative. Being able to witness the production of cotton yarns and fabrics is like rocket science to a fashion major. However, if it were not for companies such as Cotton Incorporated, every item of clothing may be a synthetic. It was also very nice to see how each machine worked in the fabric production process. Synthetics may be on the rise in the market, but cotton is sure to make a major comeback. As one of the top 20 finalists in Cotton Inc.'s 24 Hour Runway Design Contest and a member of Cotton University, students like myself are helping to change the stigma on cotton.

Brittany Henderson, Senior, FDM
Leadership Retail Program
NRF Shop.Org Summit

NRF Shop.Org Summit

The Shop.org Summit in Seattle, WA was an amazing opportunity where we learned about new ideas in retail, along with broadening our outlook on the fashion/consumer industries. Getting to sit down with industry professionals from companies such as Lilly Pulitzer, Nike, Urban Outfitters, etc. was an opportunity that I'll never forget. On this trip, we received information about internship opportunities, met different students in similar majors from across the U.S., went sight-seeing through Seattle, and all became closer friends in the process. If other students are considering applying for this amazing opportunity in the future, I'd highly recommend it.

Jesse Newton, Junior, FDM

Student Stories

MSU students design dresses for orphans

"MSU students design dresses for orphans"

Apparel design class at MSU customizes dresses for Louisville girls

"Apparel design class at MSU customizes dresses for Louisville girls"

MSU design students reap what they 'sew'

"MSU design students reap what they 'sew'"

Historic Costume and Textile Collection celebrates 30 years with 'Fashion A to Z' exhibit at MSU

"Historic Costume and Textile Collection celebrates 30 years.."

Retail-industry leaders share leadership lessons with MSU students

"Retail-industry leaders share leadership lessons with MSU students"

MSU students win at State fashion event

"MSU students win at State fashion event"

Advancing the Field…The Newtral Nonwoven

"Advancing the Field...The Newtral Nonwoven"

MSU students exhibit futuristic fashions

"MSU students exhibit futuristic fashions"

Senior ATM Expo shows off talented students

"Senior ATM Expo shows off talented students"

Careers & Internships

The Mississippi State University Career Center is a premier resource that provides state-of-the-art services, programs, and events to meet the complete career development needs of students and alumni. http://www.career.msstate.edu/students/

For cutting edge information on where a career in retail might take you, look at the National Retail Federation's website. It's just for students:https://nrf.com/career-center/career-retail

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